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30.th october- 20th dezember 2020

Finissage am 20th december 2020

  • open week 47:

  • Friday 4th december 6.15PM-8.15PM
    Saturday, 5th november 3.15PM-5.15PM

  • or pre-registration Tel. 079 472 28 91

  • Clarahof, Clarahofweg 23, Basel
  • Giulia Fonti
    At the Easter Tango 2020 we wanted to exhibit Giulia Fonti's pictures. But unfortunately we couldn't organize the Easter Tango because of Covid-19.
    So we are happy to present the exhibition in our studio in autumn.

    Giulia Fonti grants a timeless charm to dreamlike apparitions, lets them rise from the mists of nostalgia and leads them back into the visible world.

    "I dance what I am" says Giulia Fonti. And yes, you can also translate that into her painting. "I paint what I feel, I paint that I am."

    Giulia is an experimenter of the female universe, and has now taken it upon herself to address the male counterpart. Because Tango is a pair dance. In her works Giulia uses a variety of techniques with a casual dexterity - from drawing to photography to fabrics.

    Giulia Fonti was born in Lugano in 1965 and has lived in Arzo since 2004.
    She attended the Industrie Artistica Artistic Center (CSIA) in Lugano, the studio of the Austrian artist Edmund Pielmann and continued her education at the Academy of Arts in Urbino. Later she completed the school for Cine-Photo-Theatrical Makeup in Milan and the Superior Seminar of Design in Como with the artists Georg Baselitz and Arnulf Reiner.
    Later she travelled to Andalusia (Spain) where she lived in the vicinity of flamenco musicians and dancers.
    But not only flamenco, also tango, has a strong influence on her art.
    Since 1987 Giulia Fonti’s works have been exhibited in private and public collections in Switzerland and abroad.