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Teachercouple: Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau
We are happy that Fausto Carpino & Stephanie Fesneau are again leading the Tangoholidays in Sardinia. He, as the youngest recognised tango teacher in Italy and she, a dancer since childhood, have found a common language in Tango.
The young and talented pair brings a fresh 'south wind' in the Tangoscene.
Their movements are fluid, rhythmically precise, enchantingly fresh and natural.
In the tango embrace they draw on the full spectrum of possible movement; their dance is like sparkling spring water.

This holiday offer is for tango dancers all levels.
The class is taken in English. As is usual in many southern countries, the dance hall and the terrace have a stone floor. We recommend you bring dance sneakers (trainers for dancing) as well as dancing shoes with leather soles.
During teaching they understand completely how to transmit their own enthusiasm for tango to their students. For them the key to the beauty of the tango is the combination of musicality and technique. In their classes, they show how it is possible to dance easily and naturally in the tango embrace.