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The teacher couple: Guillermo Barrionuevo & Mariela Sametband from Buenos Aires
Guillermo Barrionuevo oder “El peque” is known as a charismatic dancer in the new generation of the young Tango scene.

Mariela Sametband fell madly in love with Tango in 2001. Through her dance training, she had many opportunities to incorporate various techniques into Tango.

Together they have a special energy and connection. In 2013 they announced their commitment as a dance- and tango-teaching couple. They share the joy, the passion, the technique and great respect for the Tango.

The course is aimed at intermediate / advanced tango dancers
In dance as in the seminars they radiate clarity and humour. Their technique is organic and naturally powerful.
They have those qualities which distinguish good teachers: empathy, clarity of structure and dance technique, commitment, and delight in sharing their Tango.
With exercises to enhance sensitivity they bring warmth and passion in the classroom and, with their humour, much fun and laughter.
The class is taken in English.

As is usual in many southern countries, the dance hall and the terrace have a stone floor. We recommend you bring dance sneakers (trainers for dancing) as well as dancing shoes with leather soles.