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Pepa Palazón hosts this interview with Mariela Sametband & Guillermo Barrionuevo. Bring your questions fort hem.
  • Sunday, 12th April 2020, 7.15PM - 8.15PM
  • Hotel Merian, Rheingasse 2
  • free entrance
Foto: Michael Eggen
"Pepa Palazón" (Spain / Buenos Aires) is a Spanish journalist who decided in 2007 to move to Buenos Aires and give up her television work for tango. Since more than 8 years, she has been organizing one of the most popular milongas in Buenos Aires: "Viva La Pepa! Milonga. There, she invites international DJs, with whom she creates her own musical show.
She is not only active as an organizer, but also travels as a DJane to milongas and festivals all over the world. Moreover, with 18 years of experience in Tango she teaches in Buenos Aires.

In 2011, she created the interview project "Tengo una pregunta para vos". It is an archive of over 40 video interviews with the great masters of tango (mainly dancers, but also musicians and poets), all videos are subtitled in English. It is an invaluable treasure for all Tangeros and Tangeras. At OsterTango 2020, she invites Mariela Sametband & Guillermo Barrionuevo to have a talk with you, the audience. Bring all the questions, you ever wanted to ask Mariela and Guillermo.
Pepa Palazón,
Mariela Sametband & Guillermo Barrionuevo

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