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• OsterTango 2019 Overviewpage
  • Sunday, April, 21th, 9.30PM
  • Volkshaus, grosser Festsaal
    (large event hall), Rebgasse 14
  • Entrance fee CHF 45.- (TangoCaffé Lungo and AfterHour Party is included)
  • DJ Duddie Mancini
Pavel Ratynsky (bandoneon), Alexander Ryazanov (violin), Ilya Alpeev (bass), Artem Timin (piano)
Chino Laborde
Top-notch orchestra Solo Tango together with top-notch vocalist Chino Laborde - is this still to top? We do not think so!

SOLO TANGO ORQUESTA reached the Tango Olymp soon after its founding in 2010. It is one of the most sought-after orchestras of our time. It is pure enjoyment to dance to their passionate and energetic music. Solo Tango’s members practice together since many years and thus developed a deep connection. Nevertheless, they often invite Argentine singers to collaborate. And this time, none other than Chino Laborde sings on the Volkshaus stage.

"CHINO" LABORDE is for many reasons one of the most important figures of the current tango: he is not only an extraordinary singer and creator of a special style and aesthetics (he sang with Sans Souci and Fernández Fierro), moreover a wonderful actor ("Midsummer Night Tango", "Luna de Avellaneda"), but also a presenter and protagonist of the tango program "Tango pasión argentina". Chino says: "I absorbed the tango with my mother's milk, with my grandfather, and by the asphalt of Sarandì."

We look forward to an intense tango experince with four Russians and an Argentinean.

Dance Performance of Ruben & Sabrina Veliz and Guillermo Barrionuevo & Mariela Sametband
The dance shows of Ruben & Sabrina Veliz and Guillermo Barrionuevo & Mariela Sametband delight not only the eyes, but also the heart.
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