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TangoTalk on the development of tango music from seventy to 2020.

Saturday, 11th April 1PM-3PM, Clarahof, Clarahofweg 23, Entrance fee CHF 20.-
Silvia Ceriani was the life and dance partner of the legendary maestro Tété Rusconi. Silvia & Tété brought by invitation of Pina Bausch (Wuppertal) 1995 Tango Salón to Europe. After Tété’s death, Silvia taught in Buenos Aires, she kept the elegance and cadence of the Tango Salón always in her heart. Besides, she reached legend status herself as a DJane of the famous milonga „Catherdral“. On Saturday, Silvia will give a TangoTalk (SC1) on the development of tango music from seventy to 2020, including many music examples.

The purpose of this conversation is to see more closely the way in which the Tango was unwrapping and manifesting through time; since the mid-nineteenth century when it was born it was enriched by the incorporation of instruments to the orchestra, composers, interpreters, poets and aesthetics criteria that raised it to the place of privilege in which we know it today.

During this meeting we will focus on the 70s to arrive until our times.
Why do we choose this section?
It happened that while many thought that Tango was a thing of the past,
Tango resisted in poets, singers, in smaller orchestras, and mutated in new musical forms that invite the fusion and conception of infinite choreographies.
And so, we arrive until today. Tango is immortal. We keep it alive.
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