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• OsterTango 2019 Overviewpage
Mercado deTango at the Volkshaus, Galeriesaal
open from 2.30 PM
The new T'Shirt from OsterTango 2019 is here.
20 years OsterTango! We celebrate our anniversary!

On the T'Shirt are printed all the names of the dancers, as well as the orchestras who have been there for the past 20 years.

matrial: Viscose

Women's length long: S; M
Women's length short: M; L

Men's length long; M; L; XL$

Price: CHF 25.-

The T 'shirts can be bought at the Festival Office or at the Tango Schule Basel.

"MUNAY" (Irma Gross) shows her own line “MUNAY”, which stands for comfort and beautiful designs for tango feet.
These exclusive models are handmade in Buenos Aires and of the highest quality. The big sellers are dance sneakers.
Every creation of ZISKAH is designed and made by Ziska H. Everywhere she goes, be it to Argentina or to somewhere in Europe, her sewing machine is always with her!
Women should feel free, comfortable, and sensual in ZISKAH-designs. Handmade details and a mixture of material -from jersey to silk- makes her creations unique. Moreover, there are just a few numbers of pieces- each of them a little bit different- because Ziska constantly develops new ideas. Thus, you can feel really special in her designs!
Isabella León stands for sexy and elegant gown and dancewear for women and classy men’s fashion. Everything is styled by Isabella and carefully handmade. Lace, hand painted silk, cuddly jerseys or fine cool wool for men… each style points out the individual beauty of the dancer. And now ladies & gents can dress cap-a-pie with fine handmade Italian tango shoes.


BETTINA MARIA's fashion reflects a fusion of cultures: innovative Californian free spirit, European elegance and a piece of "darkly" tales of Buenos Aires.
Bettina's fashion is individually designed in her atelier in Berlin and created by hand with love and attention for detail. Prices vary from 50 to 400 Euros. Creations for professional dancers for stage performance and other special occasions can be custom designed and tailored according to individual needs.
For more information and schedule, please check her website www.costumecoutureberlin.com or her facebook page BETTINA MARIA - MODAS DE TANGO.
Massage by Tonling Li from China
"TONLING LI" is a trained therapist TCM.
From head to toe: He knows exactly how to let your energies flow again.

Our collection especially for men is urban, noble, cool, trendy, custom-fit, creative and hip.
We combine traditional crafts such as tailoring and saddlery with fresh ideas and beautify your life.

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