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• OsterTango 2020 Overviewpage
Seminar & event rooms at OsterTango 2020

All locations are in max.10 minutes walking distances away from each other.

At the point where the River Rhine turns north, where the borders of France, Switzerland and Germany meet, you’ll find a city full of surprises. Basel is a city of art and culture and boasts one of Europe’s most beautiful and best preserved old towns.

Seminar rooms

C – Tango Schule Basel, Clarahofweg 23, Basel

M – Hotel Merian am Rhein, Meriansaal, Rheingasse 2, Basel

W – Waisenhaus Aula, Theodorskirchplatz 7, Basel

T – Wettsteinhof, Claragraben 43, Basel

V – Volkshaus, Unionssaal, Rebgasse 14, Basel

Event Rooms

Volkshaus, Unionssaal, Rebgasse 14, Basel (Marathon)

Volkshaus, grosser Festsaal, Rebgasse 14 Basel

Unternehmen Mitte, Gerbergasse 30, Basel (Milonga del Adios)
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