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An enthusiastic crowd of tango couples lost themselves to the music of OTROS AIRES, performing again in Basel after 3 years. The vivacious freshness and the pulse of the new tango moved up from the dancers’ legs to stimulate a good feeling. The pieces from their new album "Tricota" and evergreens such as "However" and "Yumba" moved effortlessly from the stage into the audience.
MIguel di Genova (Gitarre, Gesang), Omar Masso (Bandoneon), Diego Ramos (Klavier), Martin Bruhn ( Schlagzeug)
Show by Fausto Carpino & Veronica Toumanova
The first performance by Fausto Carpino & Veronica Toumanova in Basel. Veronica's elegance combined with Fausto's wit and agility made their dance radiate.
Show by Esteban Cortez & Evelyn Rivera
What a joy to watch Esteban & Evelyn dance. Their powerful style is unique! They dance with a dynamic tension between connectedness and distance, question and answer, seriousness and exuberance.