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DVD OsterTango 2011
We are pleased to present the annual DVD, summarizing and highlighting " Oster Tango 2011", 105 minutes of Tango at its best:

1 "APERTURA" - the opening with "TANGOFAMILY" in Volkshaus Basel
2 "TANGO TRACKS" - the performance in Schaupielhaus Basel
3 "ORQUESTAS en vivo" - the orchestra "Otros Aires" and "Soledad"
4 "EXHIBICION" - the brilliant and creative dancing in Volkshaus Basel
5 "FINAL" - the last dance of the maestros an the Chacarera for all

You can order the DVD at the following address at the price of sFr. 25.--/Euro 16.-- (including Shipping (Europa). Invoice will be enclosed.
Please note: Euro 16.-- only with an address in the euro zone.

The price for 2 DVDs and more (2006 to 2010 editions are still available) is sFr. 20.--/Euro 15.--, each.

Now we are hoping for great response and look forward to your order (do not forget postal address!) - and perhaps you give a feedback later!

Thank you for your interest!



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Peter Moetteli
Gstadstrasse 13
CH 4153 Reinach