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Sexteto Soledad
The insider tip 'Sexteto Soledad" unfolded to full size. It was wonderful to listen to this orchestra and heavenly to dance to the music. The Russian spirit is perfectly united with the Argentinian. We look forward to the see young musicians again soon.
Bandoneón: Dimitry Kavalenko, Ivan Talanin
Violine: Alexander Ryazanov, Albert Hametov
Kontrabass: Evgeny Kozlov
Piano: Artyom Timin
Gitarre:Roman Zorkin
Late at the night the "Tangofamily" dance a Chacharera.

The second highlight was the dance performance by Joachim Dietiker & Michelle Marsidi. Their dance: the lightness of being.
Third highlight was the dance performance by Ruben and Sabrina Veliz. Dynamics, ability, energy combine to form a harmonious whole.